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The Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities has launched a new Central sector scheme on “Research on disability related technology, products and issues‟. In January, 2015 with the objective to promote research of service models and programmes on the basis of life cycle needs, holistic development of the individuals and their families and creating an enabling environment for the empowerment of the persons with disabilities and promote research in prevention and prevalence of disability and the application of science & technology for the development of indigenous, appropriate aids and appliances.

The scheme has 2 components

(i) Research and Development of assistive technology and product development devices.

(ii) Scheme for study/research/survey/internship and periodical collection of data related to disability.

The State Governments, the national institutes under the Department have been requested to submit their proposal in accordance with the scheme. Until 2017-18 the scheme was implemented as a standalone scheme of the Department. From the year 2018-19 it has become part of the umbrella scheme SIPDA.

2.     The Department has developed guidelines for grant of financial assistance for R&D projects under SIPDA. for the said guidelines.

3.     During the year 2015-16, 22 proposals were received in the first phase out of which 4 proposals were approved by the Dept. However, only 2 agencies namely M/s Vision Foundation and AMU subsequently signed requisite agreement to undertake the project submitted by them. Accordingly, and amount of Rs. 4.80 lakhs has been released to these agencies. In the 2nd phase out of 13 proposals received in the dept. 6 proposals have been approved by the Steering Committee with a total; cost of about Rs. 99 lakhs.  An amount of Rs. 40 lakhs will be released during the year 2015-16 for entrusting these 6 projects to the concerned agencies towards first instalment.